Team 60 Swedish Air Force

"Team 60", The Swedish Air Force aerobatic team.

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Officially they started to fly in 1973, before that period they were called the Vikings and were disbanded in 1968 but reborn in 1973 as Team 60.

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They are based at the Flying Training School at Ljungbyhed in Sweden.

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Like the Spanish Team they are not a full-time Team. It's hard to see

them outside Sweden, approximately twice a year they leave Sweden.

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The best chance to see them is at Koksijde Airshow (B) or at the Air Tattoo at Fairford (GB).

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They fly with the Saab 105 SK 60. The Saab 105 is a trainer and light attack plane. The Saab has side-by-side accommodation for a pupil and instructor.

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Wing span: 9,5 m.

Length: 10,50 m.

Height: 2,70 m.

Max. speed at sea level: 447 mph.(970 km/h)

Max. speed: Mach 0.86 (± 1032 km/h)

Max. altitude: 39,400 ft.(12000 m.)

Empty weight: 5,534 lbs.(2510 kg.)

Max. weight: 14,330 lbs.(6500 kg.)

Powerplant: two Turboméca Aubisque turbofans

Thrust: 1,640 lbs.(743 kg.) (each)


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