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There is a new Aerobatic Team at the European Airshow circuit.

groundcrew and their NF-5A'sflight line

The Turkish Stars and everybody who saw them will never forget the Team managers comment during the Display. "these pilots are the most handsom pilots in the world" this is really done with humor and believe it's a show on it's own and then: "but I am the most handsom of all" if they are in your area go to see (and listen) them.

It's a very young team but they are already part of the topteams of the world.

Ready for the showready to go       NF-5A NF-5A Northrop       Close upclose up of the NF-5

here is some information from there official Website: (click here to bring their site a visit)

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The TURKISH STARS officially started on the 17th of November 1992, at the 3rd Main Jet Base Konya with NF-5 A/B aircraft and 4 pilots. After months of intense preparation and flight exercises, 7 Turkish Stars stepped into this magic world with their specially modified jet aircraft. On 11 January 1993 they were officially named as "Turkish Stars".

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The first official display was performed on 5 October 1994 in Diyarbakir in a state ceremony. The team gained the status of "Squadron" by the order of Commander of Turkish Air Force in 1996. It is the youngest supersonic aerobatic team in the world.

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The main objectives of Turkish Stars are:

To introduce Turkish Air Force to public, abroad and at home,
To represent Republic of Turkey in foreign countries,
To contribute to the display of discipline and effectiveness of TUAF,
To strengthen the thrust of Turkish people in Air Force,
To create enthusiasm to aviation among young people.

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Turkish Stars represent the high abilities and level of training of all the Turkish pilots because they are one of the very few teams which can perform with supersonic aircraft on earth. However, they use 7 aircraft in their shows, where the other teams in the supersonic category prefer 6 aircraft.

A few interesting Turkish Stars Websites:

The Official Turkish Stars Site

Türk Hava Kuvvetleri - Turkish Air Force

Another site from this nice Team

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Depending on the meteorological conditions and the display area, the program of Turkish Stars consist of a delta formation of 7 aircraft a special formation of 4 aircraft and solo formations of a single aircraft and 3 aircraft which all together 20 figures for 25 minutes. 12 officers, one of them being the commentator and the others tactical fighter pilots are present in the squadron.

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Up to present Turkish Stars have performed their displays successfully and pointed out the noticeable position of Republic of Turkey and TUAF for the peace of the world.

Special thanks must go to the Turkish Stars


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