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Military Fighters at High Speed 

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Miscellaneous planes

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B-1B Lancer

Tornado GR1

Tornado GR1

F-15A Eagle

F-15C Eagle

Condensation is forming in visible clouds because a sudden pressure drop has cooled the air, bringing the air in that region to a temperature/pressure state where the water vapor condenses. The pressure over the wing, in particular is lower than the surrounding air and the molecules are actually further apart, not closer together. No "pushing" is going on. That's what you see the clouds form on the lee side of aircraft protrubences (like the canopy) or other areas where there is some flow separation, and not ahead of them - that's where the real compression of the air (pushing) is going on.

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F-15E Strike Eagle



A-10A Thunderbolt

Hawk T1

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F-5E Tiger II

F-4E Phantom

F-4E Phantom

Saab Draken

Mig 29

As an aircraft flies at supersonic speeds it is continually generating shock waves, dropping sonic boom along its flight path, similar to someone dropping objects from a moving vehicle. From the perspective of the aircraft, the boom appears to be swept backwards as it travels awayfrom the aircraft. If the plane makes a sharp turn or pulls up, the boom will hit the ground in front of the aircraft.

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Mig 29

Mig 29

Mig 29

Mig 29

C-5B Galaxy

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F-18 Hornet

F-14 Tomcat

F-16 Falcon

F-111 Aardvark


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