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The Canadian Forces Snowbirds are honoured to participate in air shows and civic events across North America.
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Performing in more than 60 air shows every year, the team has an extremely busy and exciting schedule. Check out the Snowbirds' schedule section for more information on air shows near you.
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The Snowbirds fly the Canadair CT-114 Tutor, a Canadian built jet trainer used by the Canadian Air Force as its basic pilot training aircraft.
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 The Tutor weighs approximately 7,000 pounds and is powered by a J-85 engine producing about 2,700 pounds of thrust.
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 Top speed of the aircraft, with smoke tanks attached is 412 knots (470 mph).
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The Snowbirds perform more than 50 different formations and maneuvers during their famed show.
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The basic Tutor is only slightly modified for use by the Snowbirds: A smoke generating system, unique paint scheme for added visual appeal, and a highly tuned engine to enhance engine response in low level flying.
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 With its high maneuverability and relatively slow speed the Tutor is ideally suited to the formation and aerobatic roles of the Snowbirds.
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The distance between each Snowbird jet in many of the formations is about 1.2 metres (4 feet).
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When flying at speeds of 600 km/hr a large amount of skill is required by the pilot to maintain this distance throughout the performance.
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