A tribute to the groundcrew, without these men and woman the whole show would not be possible. Here you can see them at work during some practice displays at Royal Air Force base Akrotiri at Cyprus.

Special thanks must go to : SAC Colin Searle & CLP Rich Penney, who helped me to get all the names.

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Sgt Gary Holt (left) and Flight Sgt Steve Artley, with  S Eng O F/L Gary Martin in the middle with F/O John Aldridge at the
CT Dean Cook CT Dean Cook on the left and JT Mark Dove on the right

SAC Lisa Walker and Sqn Ldr Andy Lewis

Cpl Dave Melhado

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JT Dave Gillies JT Dave Gillies SAC Ollie Green SAC Lisa Bromley JT Andy Cole
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JT Neil Clegg SGT Charlie Marr JT Mark Dove SGT Charlie Marr JT Mark Dove
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SAC Lisa Walker On the left JT Dave Gillies and Cpl Dave Melhado Cpl Dave Melhado SGT Charlie Marr SAC Lisa Walker
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SGT Charlie Marr SAC Colin Searle When the planes are airborne and nobody watch, finally some rest Little misshapp on the runway, and all groundcrew are back to hard work  

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Special thanks must go to all the Red Arrow pilots and special to:

the Groundcrew.

all photographs by: EJ van Koningsveld

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