all photographs by: EJ van Koningsveld

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chase plane view click

Big Battle Arrival, start of the 2001 Show


chase plane view click

Famous Diamond Bend, up to 3 shows a day is no problem for Wg Cdr Andy Offer and his team

chase plane view click

Flanker Bend

chase plane view click

Flanker Bend

chase plane view click

Apollo bend in the blue Cyprus sky

inside formation view click

Close? 2 to 3 meters

chase plane view click

4 G's at the bottom of the Apollo loop


Goose, Reds 1-5 & Red 8, Flt Lt Chris Carder who crosses the Enid formation with a crossing speed more than 800 miles an hour

Enid (Red 1-5) from top to bottom:Red 5
Flt Lt Justin Hughes, Red 3
Flt Lt Christian Gleave, Red 1 Wg Cdr Andy Offer, Red 2 Flt Lt Antony Parkinson and Red 4 Sqn Ldr Myles Garland

Apollo bend inside formation view click

Perfect Line Astern

High speed dive after a cross with Red 6 from Red 7 Flt Lt Jas Hawker

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Special thanks must go to the 1998, 1999 & 2000  Red Arrow crew and special to:

Air Commodore Mal Prissick, Wg Cdr Bill Ramsey, Sqn Ldr Andy Offer, Flt Lt Andy Evans, Sqn Ldr Ginge Paige, all pilots and last but not least all the Ground crew.

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