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the new 2000 logo Diamond loop Goose Roll Backs
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the new Gypo Pass Flt.Lt.Dicky Patounas (Red 6) and Flt.Lt. Jim Provost (Red 7) in a perfect cross nice shot from the Corkscrew Flt.Lt.Dicky Patounas (Red 6) low over the sea
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Flt.Lt. Jim Provost (Red 7) heading towards the camera Red 2 Flt. Lt. Jas Hawker puls a lot of G during the Vixenbreak Sqn.Ldr. Andy Offer breaks away during the Big Battle break the Big, Big Battle formation with Red 10 Flt. Lt. Russ Jones in the middle
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Red 1 to 5 in the Arrow formation the Vulcan Bend, named after the famous bomber Flt.Lt.Dicky Patounas (Red 6) and Flt.Lt. Jim Provost (Red 7) in the Mirror roll View out the Chaseplane from the Vixenbreak
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Special thanks must go to the 1998, 1999 & 2000  Red Arrow pilots and special to:

Air Commodore Mal Prissick, Wg Cdr David Bolsover, Wg Cdr Simon Meade, Sqn Ldr Andy Offer, Flt Lt Russ Jones, Sqn Ldr Eric Webster, Sqn Ldr Mike Williams, Sqn Ldr Tony Cunnane, Sqn Ldr Ginge Paige and last but not least all the Groundcrew.

all photographs by: EJ van Koningsveld

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