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After the '99 cancellation it was good to be back at RAF Mildenhall. As always the Mildenhall team did a great job to give us a great Airshow, thanks. The weather on Saturday was for us perfect, a bit rain and a bit sunshine (the rain gives moister in the air, good for condensation shots, see page 2) the Sunday was horrible the rain was there, only the sun was on a vacation. These pics are all from the Saturday. You won't find the static shots here, we don't like them.

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Royal Jordanian Falcons (Jordan) Harrier GR7 (RAF) Harrier GR7 (RAF) Harrier GR7 (RAF) C-130 Hercules (Sweden)
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C-130 Hercules (Sweden) C-130 Hercules (Sweden) B-25 Mitchell (UK) B-25 Mitchell (UK) B-52 Stratofortress (USAF)
Air Fete 2000 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the U.S. Air Force precence at Mildenhall. Since October 16, 1934 when it officially opened, RAF Mildenhall has been at the center of aviation for the air forces of the UK and later the USA. At one time, RAF Mildenhall was one of the largest bases under the British Bomber Command.
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B-52 Stratofortress (USAF) Patrouille de France Patrouille de France Patrouille de France Patrouille de France
016a.jpg (3702 bytes) 017a.jpg (3706 bytes) 018a.jpg (3219 bytes) 019a.jpg (3663 bytes) 020a.jpg (4348 bytes)
C-130 Hercules (RAF) MH-53 (USAF) B-2 Stealth (USAF) B-2 Stealth (USAF) B-2 Stealth (USAF)
021a.jpg (3253 bytes) 022a.jpg (2050 bytes) 023a.jpg (2857 bytes) 024a.jpg (2394 bytes) 025a.jpg (2563 bytes)
B-2 Stealth (USAF) B-2 Stealth (USAF) B-2 Stealth (USAF) B-2 Stealth (USAF) B-2 Stealth (USAF)
026a.jpg (2967 bytes) 027a.jpg (4614 bytes) 028a.jpg (3558 bytes) 029a.jpg (3421 bytes) 030a.jpg (3305 bytes)
Hurricane (BoB) Lancaster (BoB) Lancaster (BoB) Lancaster (BoB) Spitfire (BoB)
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