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Cornelis Jan de Jonge (Kees)

Kees was born in Zeist, Holland on the 24th of August 1958 and is living there evercince.

The first contact with millitairy aviation was when his father took him at the age of 3 to Soesterberg AFB where a couple of brand new Starfighters made a impression on him in such a way that he never lost the love for aviation since that day. In the late sixty's he met Evert who happend to have the same interest in aviation. During their highschoolperiod they spend, specialy during nato exercices, a lot of days at Soesterberg AFB instead of going to school.  He started photographing at the age of 17 and like Evert he found out that action photography gave more satisfaction than just taking pictures of planes on a flightline and to register their numbers, so he likes to call himself an aviation enthusiast instead of a spotter.                        

In the late seventy's they started working under the name of SkyFlash and Evert and he traveled to many airshows all over western Europe and the US creating a big collection of photographic material on militairy aviation, both vintage as modern aircraft are to be found in this collection, however modern aircraft and militairy displayteams are his favorit subjects.  The last few years all this led to the production of several cd-roms in co÷peration with UGA. The drivingforce behind this project is Evert, Kees delivers some shots for these cd-roms aswell.  In 1996 he was one of the lucky few who had the oppertunity to do a media flight with the Canadian team the Snowbirds.                           

His favourite fighter is the F-14 Tomcat. His favourite Team is the Snowbirds.


He works with Nikon camera's like the F-100 and F-70 and several Nikon lenses of wich the 300ED is the most used for the actionwork during airshows, the film he uses is mostly the Kodachrome64 and 200.

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