"I'm so proud to be British"

The British made the British Aerospace Harrier.

The Harrier is a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, it won't need a long runway to take-off.

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The Harrier has one engine and four nozzles.

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It can turning the four nozzles to the ground and the power of the thrust is lifting the plane into the sky.

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Once airborne the Pilot is turning the nozzles slowly backwards, than the plane is moving forwards and is getting lift from the wings.

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When it has reached enough speed the Harrier will fly like a conventional airplane.


Two seat T4 version 003a.jpg (3445 bytes)               006a.jpg (3405 bytes)               011a.jpg (3935 bytes) Clear view of the pilot


Wing span: 9,25 m.014a.jpg (2717 bytes)

013a.jpg (2972 bytes)Length: 14,12 m.

Height: 3,53 m.

Max. speed: Mach 0.93 (1075 km/h, 668 mph.)

Empty weight: 12,922 lbs.(5861 kg.)

Max. weight: 29,750 lbs.(13494 kg.)

Powerplant: one Rolls-Royce Pegasus 105 turbofan

Thrust: 21,700 lbs.(9843 kg.) 012a.jpg (2969 bytes)


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