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Do you like this logo and  you have an Aviation site and most important we like it. Than drop your URL we take a look and if we like it, you can have your SkyFlash star award on your site. Since the 6th of July we had 162 request and we gave 41 awards away so far. We are not looking for a cheap link but we want great sites here on this list. The latest award is on top of the list and the ones we gave earlier away are a the bottom. So it's not a quality order.

Don't forget we like action shots. Photo's on the ground are not special to us. There must be at least a few good action pictures on the site and NOT pic.numbers linked to the photo's but  thumbnails (little pictures) and the layout of the site is also important. If you don't have any pictures than it must be a very, very good site.

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Sky-Flash Star Site: Fly by night aviation video's

Great site with lot's of aviation video's, also you can find pictures and many more chapters. Great place for aviation buffs to visit.

Sky-Flash Star Site: Aviation Pictures by Lassi Tolvanen

No words are necessary here, look at Lassi's photo's awesome. He is from Finland and did some flying as you can see at his pictures.

These pages are dedicated to aviation photographer Lassi Tolvanen who unexpectedly passed away   May 8, 2006. These pages are still as Lassi left them.

*Sky-Flash Star Site: Tomcat's Place

If you like Tornado's (no Tomcat's here) you'll love this place! Some great pics of Tornado and loads of other aircraft and very good information. Netscape users will find some troubles with loading pictures here.(adjudged 7th Nov. 2000)

SkyFlash Star Site: Vulcans in Camera

Superbsite from site from Andy Leitch about one of the most impressive planes I've ever seen the Avro Vulcan. Some awesome pictures here and most of them Andy took them (I which I took them) (adjudged 30th of May. 2000)

*SkyFlash Star Site: A Century of Aviation History

Great site with all kind of planes, from WW1 till 2000. Very strange and rare pictures from oldies and warbirds. They also have books from many planes.(adjudged 21st May. 2000)

*SkyFlash Star Site: WWW.JETSHOW.DE

Very good site made by  Markus Hass, it's new and he is still working on it. Even before he is finised with his site he deserves a SkyFlash star arard, look for your self, great action shots (that's what we like) and his layout is beautifull.(adjudged 24th Feb. 2000)

*SkyFlash Star Site: 13th Bomb Squadron, "the Devils Own Grim Reapers"

The Air Force's famous B-26 Light Bomber Squadron of the Korean War. Read the story of this famous B-26, Old Able. See strike photos and read about the missions flown by the 13th. Join this elite fighting Squadron for a few moments and learn everything you ever wanted to know about low-level, night interdiction missions of the Korean War! AND best of all look at the nose art collection they have MMMM..(adjudged 26th Jan. 2000)

*SkyFlash Star Site: Hayward Aviation Photography - Air Shows

This webpage is almost completely dedicated to great action pictures David has taken at various New England air shows in 1999. This includes The Great State of Maine Air Show at Brunswick NAS, The Cape Cod Air Show at Otis ANGB, The Barnes Air Show in Westfield MA, and The Fitchburg Air-Fest. There are also superb pictures of various Collings Foundation aircraft.
(adjudged 12th Jan. 2000)

*SkyFlash Star Site: Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb

Great site, this is what we want. Hundreds of good Action shots not the lazy ones but real aviationpics. Roger did a great job here, also the layout is fast and easy to use.(adjudged 17th Dec. 1999)

*SkyFlash Star Site: Jim's Aviation animations

It's not a photo site but an aviation animation site with hundreds of great animation. This site deserves an Award. Very nice for the webmasters in the aviation web world. (adjudged 6th September 1999)

SkyFlash Star Site: "Blue Angels Alumni Association"

Beautiful, well organized, lots of information and last but not least superb pictures of this great US Navy team (adjudged 12july 1998)

*SkyFlash Star Site: Attack Helicopter Crew Chief/Butch Lottman

The intent of this site is to share Butch's stories, his excelent photographs, and links to very interesting people he met the field of aviation. Listen to his music, it belongs with those pics. The pic gallery has 4 pics, don't believe it, follow the links from these 4 pics, many superb shots.(adjudged 3rd Feb. 1999)

*SkyFlash Star Site : Guy's Vulcan Tribute Pages

Superb site about this awesome plane (together with the SR 71 best ever built) Guy did a great job here, pics, info whatever you always wanted to know about the Vulcan, he even has some roaring Vulcan sounds on the site. And he has more on his site, go to his home site. (adjudged 24th Januari 1999)

*SkyFlash Star Site:"Jim & Lani Muche"

Lovely site with beautiful Warbirds air to air pics on it (adjudged 5th August 1998)

*SkyFlash Star Site: "UGA Aviation Cdroms" by Ron Fonteine

Very big aviation site, with many action pics and lots of information (adjudged 7july 1998)


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