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The Swiss Air Force (Schweizer Flieger Und Fliegerabwehrtruppen) was formed 31 July 1914 as the Fliegertruppe.   On 19 October 1936 the air arm was reorganized, and renamed the Schweizerische Flugwaffe, becoming an autonomous equal status service under the Swiss Federal Military Department. During World War 2, extensive border and neutrality patrols were maintained, to guard against the many incursions from German and Allied air combatants. In the 1950's the present name of Swiss Air Force and Anti-Aircraft Command, was adopted. Most personnel are reservists. sourche:Aeroflight here you can find bases, info, ect.

On these pages you can find pictures we took in 2000 during mayor exercises at Axalp in the Swiss alps. It cost me a few years of my life, we had to climb (by feet!!) to 2200 meters to take these pictures with all camera's, lenses, food, water ect.  Here you can find the proof that the Swiss pilots are very skilled in flying between the mountains. At the bottom of each plane chapter there is a large Windows wallpaper on several resolutions, so you can make the Swiss Air Force you computer wallpaper. Just pic a plane you like and see for your self, hope you like them:

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