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In 1987 the Swiss Air Force choose the very successful British Aerospace Hawk Mk 66 Jet Trainer as the replacer of the DH-115 Vampire Trainer. The procurement of 20 Hawk Trainers was approved. The first aircraft was ered directly from the British manufacturer, and the remaining 19 underwent their final assembly at Switzerland's Federal Aircraft Works in Emmen. The Hawk, along with its conventional and robust design and outstanding performance, proved to be a great asset to the Air Force. This Hawk is used in advanced training of future fighter pilots. The trainer is also fitted with advanced instrumentation which allows for the training in instrument flying. Air to ground combat can also be trained utilizing the optional 30 mm cannon installation (as you can see on the first two pictures). The availability of ejection seats for both the trainee and instructor provides optimum safety and security. A simulator identical to the aircraft itself allows the pilots to practice as well as supplement flight training. The Swiss Air Force took delivery of the new Trainers in 1990. 

Source: Swiss Air Force Official site


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