The Blue Angels at NAS Pensacola 2015

Pictures are made on the 3rd and 5th of November 2015 at NAS Pensacola, FL. During some practice displays. Most practice displays are open to the public and flown around noon, check out the official site for dates here: Blue Angels


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On take-off the aircraft will execute a low-transition. At 150170 KTS, the aircraft will rotate to 45 degrees nose high. The aircraft will level off at 1000-1500 feet
The aircraft will complete the teardrop turn towards CP (Centrerpoint) using the 30 degree ingress line. Once established on the 30 degree ingress line, a descent from 500 feet to 200 feet will be made. The turn will be continued to depart on the 30 degree egress line. Wings will be leveled and a 10 degree nose-up climb will be initiated to 1200 feet.
As the intended point of landing is approached, a 20-25 degrees nose-down approach will be commenced. After landing, the aircraft will back up, face the crowd line, and exit the runway.
Immediately after takeoff, the four aircraft will transition to the diamond and commence a loop. The show line clear is a turn behind the crowd.
A left or right 360 degree roll away from the crowd while raising the landing gear. It can be flown from either direction based on Centerpoint and prevailing wind. The show line clear is a climbing turn behind the crowd.  
#6 (#7 here is the spare plane) Will execute a low transition and at 285 Knots-Indicated Air Speed he will pull to 70 degrees nose up. At a minimum of 3500 feet, he will roll the aircraft 180 degrees and complete a Split S reversal. Passing CP he will roll the aircraft 270 degrees and clear behind the crowd.
In Diamond formation the Diamond executes a non-aerobatic right to left circular pass at less than 60 degree angle crossing over CP at a minimum ALT of 200 feet.
At CP each pilot will roll his aircraft into a 90 degree angle of bank prior to the cross. After the cross, both aircraft will roll upright and clear in front of the crowd. Approaching CP in Diamond, all four aircraft roll 360 degrees in formation
starting the roll at 1500 feet and topping at approximately 3200 feet. All four aircraft perform simultaneous 360 degree rolls within the aerobatic box.
#5 will roll inverted at the edge of the aerobatic box at a minimum of 200 feet. #6 will move to an abeam position upright, creating a mirror image effect. In the Diamond formation all four aircraft will complete a loop over CP on the show line with the landing gear and hooks extended.


In right Echelon the Diamond executes a right to left non-aerobatic circular pass at approximately 60 degree AOB crossing over CP at a minimum altitude of 200 feet. A flat pass on the 500’ (slightly closer) show line at 50 feet .
Once past the spectator area, a clear to crowd right behind the crowd is executed. Aircraft #1,2,3,4 and 5 transition to a Line Abreast formation. Approaching CP, they complete a loop. Each pilot will roll his aircraft inverted at the edge of the aerobatic box. Crossing CP, each pilot will execute a 360 degree roll back to inverted and push out in an inverted climb.
The Delta will roll out in a head on set up and commence a climb. One nautical mile in front of the crowd, Boss in the #1 jet will call "Ready, Break!" and the Delta will split. The Lead (#1) will pull up into a steady 2G climb straight ahead. The solos (#5 & #6) will pull outboard in a steady, 2G, 60 degree Angle-of-Bank, and offset by 90 degrees. The wingmen (#2 & #3) will pull outboard in a steady 2G, 45 degree Angle-of-Bank, and offset by 45 degrees. The lead and slot (#1 & #4) will continue straight ahead and exit behind the crowd. The solos and wingmen will rendez-vous with the lead and slot behind the crowd.
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