After the departure of all fixed-wing military aircraft to Greenwood, the former CFB Shearwater, Nova Scotia, has become a joint venture between the military and a civilian agency, the Shearwater Development Corporation. Unfortunately, the SDC is no longer in operation and the aerodrome is in a state of suspended animation until such time as a new operator takes over. Details can change in the near future; however, the military presently operates runway 28-10 for the use of their helicopter squadrons, and the longer runway 16-34 is currently on limited maintenance.

Every year there is a good Airshow at Shearwater, it's the best in the North/East of Canada/USA. Very nice here is the Canadian Army demonstration.

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Shearwater/Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


CF Skyhawks Team

Pitss Special
RAF Red Arrows Seaking CAF Coyote Reconnaissance vehicle 
Leopard C2 Tank Canadian army
Leopard C2 Tank Canadian army Cessna 337, Firefighter  
CH-113 Labrador (CAF) Nimrod RAF  
Nimrod RAF CF-188 Hornet CAF  
CF-188 Hornet CAF S-3B Viking US Navy  
S-3B Viking US Navy CAF Snowbirds  
CAF Snowbirds  

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