Biggin Hill International Air Fair 2009

Every year Biggin Hill hosts one of the most famous events on the global aviation calendar – The International Air Fair. The event attracts up to 100,000 people to the Airport, and is the largest privately run Air Show in Europe . It has been an annual occurrence since 1963. This makes the show that has just taken place in June 2009 the forty seventh in an unbroken run. A cavalcade of aircraft spanning almost 100 years of the history of aviation were on show in the air and on the ground.

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Eurocopter EC145.jpg
Airport police.jpg
Jeep, must zoom in.jpg
Vintage truck.jpg
Nice bike show.jpg
Apache RAF.jpg
Lynx RAF.jpg
F-86A Sabre_1.jpg
F-86A Sabre_2.jpg
F-86A Sabre_3.jpg
Huricane BBMF_1.jpg
Huricane BBMF_2.jpg
Huricane BBMF_3.jpg
Huricane BBMF_4.jpg
Huricane BBMF_5.jpg
Flt Lt Antony_Parkinson.jpg
Flt Lt Antony Parkinson.jpg
Spitfire BBMF.jpg
Viper Team_Justin Hudges_1.jpg
Viper Team_Justin Hudges_2.jpg
Viper Team.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_1.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_2.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_3.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_4.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_5.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_6.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_7.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_8.jpg
British Aerospace Hawk_9.jpg
Chinook RAF_1.jpg
Chinook RAF_2.jpg
Chinook RAF_3.jpg
Curttis P-40_1.jpg
Curttis P-40_2.jpg
Curttis P-40_3.jpg
Beechcraft Super King 200 RAF.jpg
Hawker Nimrod Fighter_1.jpg
Hawker Nimrod Fighter_2.jpg
de Havilland Sea Vixen_1.jpg
de Havilland Sea Vixen_2.jpg
de Havilland Sea Vixen_3.jpg
de Havilland Sea Vixen_4.jpg
Folland Gnat_1.jpg
Folland Gnat_2.jpg
Folland Gnat_3.jpg
Aerostar's Yak_1.jpg
Aerostar's Yak_2.jpg
KC135 USAF.jpg
Fokker Triplane DR1_1.jpg
Fokker Triplane DR1_2.jpg
Great War Display Team_1.jpg
Great War Display Team_2.jpg
Great War Display Team_3.jpg
Great War Display Team_4.jpg
Great War Display Team_5.jpg
Great War Display Team_6.jpg
Hawker Hunter_1.jpg
Hawker Hunter_2.jpg
Hawker Hunter_3.jpg
Old and New.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_1.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_2.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_3.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_4.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_5.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_6.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_7.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_8.jpg
Red Bull Matadors_9.jpg
Sopwith Pup_1.jpg
Sopwith Pup_2.jpg
Sopwith Pup_3.jpg
Sopwith Pup_4.jpg
Sopwith Triplane_1.jpg
Sopwith Triplane_2.jpg
Sopwith Triplane_3.jpg
Swift Team_1.jpg
Swift Team_2.jpg
Swift Team_3.jpg
Team Guinot wingwalking_1.jpg
Team Guinot wingwalking_2.jpg
Team Guinot wingwalking_3.jpg
Team Guinot wingwalking_4.jpg
Team Guinot wingwalking_5.jpg
Team Guinot wingwalking_6.jpg
Team Guinot wingwalking_7.jpg
Team Guinot wingwalking_8.jpg
The Red Arrows_01.jpg
The Red Arrows_02.jpg
The Red Arrows_03.jpg
The Red Arrows_04.jpg
The Red Arrows_05.jpg
The Red Arrows_Flt Lt Mike Ling.jpg
The Red Arrows_Wg Cdr Jas Hawker.jpg
The Red Arrows_07.jpg
Jamie Hunter's new book.jpg
mmm Vulcan.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_01.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_02.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_03.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_04.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_05.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_06.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_07.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_08.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_09.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_10.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_11.jpg
Avro Vulcan B2_12.jpg
The Red Arrows_Sqn Ldr Graham Duff.jpg
The Red Arrows_10.jpg
The Red Arrows_11.jpg
The Red Arrows_12.jpg
The Red Arrows_13.jpg
The Red Arrows_14.jpg
The Red Arrows_15.jpg
The Red Arrows_16.jpg
The Red Arrows_17.jpg
The Red Arrows_18.jpg
The Red Arrows_19.jpg
The Red Arrows_20.jpg
The Red Arrows_21.jpg
The Red Arrows_22.jpg
The Red Arrows_23.jpg
The Red Arrows_24.jpg
The Red Arrows_25.jpg
The Red Arrows_26.jpg
The Red Arrows_27.jpg
The Red Arrows_28.jpg
The Red Arrows_29.jpg
The Red Arrows_30.jpg
The Red Arrows_31.jpg
The Red Arrows_32.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_1.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_2.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_3.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_4.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_5.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_6.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_7.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_8.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_9.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_10.jpg
Tutor T1 Royal Air Force_11.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_01.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_02.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_03.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_04.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_05.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_06.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_07.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_08.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_09.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_10.jpg
Typhoon F2 RAF_11.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_01.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_02.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_03.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_04.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_05.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_06.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_07.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_08.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_09.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_10.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_11.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_12.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_13.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400 & Red Arrows_14.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400_1.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400_2.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400_3.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400_4.jpg
Virgin Boeing 747-400_5.jpg
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